Are Ddesserts made in Australia?

Yes. We produce each Ddessert in Thornbury, Victoria.

Where can I find my very own Ddessert?

We are currently stocked in many local food shops so check your local store. You may also find us on shelves at your local independent supermarket.

Are Ddesserts gluten free?

Our Chocolate Mousse with Caramel Fudge Sauce and our Crème Caramel sure are gluten free. Our strawberry Cheesecake has a biscuit base that contains gluten.

Are Ddesserts Halal?

Yes they are. We have Halal certification for all of our Ddesserts range.

How can I get I touch with you?

You can call us during business hours Monday – Friday on +61 3 9484 6333 or drop us an email at info@ddesserts.com.au.

I want to sell Ddesserts – who do I contact?

We have a great network of distributors who we supply. Get in touch with us by calling +61 3 9484 6333 or emailing info@ddesserts.com.au and we will be happy to help you get our delicious desserts on your shelf.